I know I have been blabbing a lot this week about health food, juice cleanses, yoga and so on, but spring really is the ideal time to eat your vegetables. I did just that with Mino at Eataly's Le Verdure — the Italian mega-grocer’s homage to all things vegetal. I am still dreaming about the grilled spring onions and pequillo pepper puree on grilled bread. Pequillos are among my favorite peppers (and the basis for the Romesco sauce I made last Easter, which would do nicely in this preparation), right up there with shishitos, poblanos, cherry peppers and good ol’ jalapenos in my personal pepper pecking order. We had a salad with favas, fried shallots, lemon-mint vinaigrette and a pecorino add-on. The gnocchi was not what I’m accustomed to: fluffy pucks of potatoness in place of the gluey nodules that always leave me too full for fun. These were served over an obviously perfect red sauce — this is Eataly, people. 

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